20th July 2024

Fairly a number of of the folks I grew up with within the suburbs of Philadelphia have turned out to be Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists; the meme right here got here from considered one of them.

I perceive that there are distortions within the information we encounter, however I’m pretty sure that a lot of the central ideas are factual.  The world’s inhabitants faces existential threats by way of viral pandemics and local weather change.  There are ongoing areas of battle between the Jewish and Muslim populations within the Center East, which proper now are inflicting grave human rights violations.  Donald Trump is going through 91 felony adjustments stemming from 4 felony indictments, but he’s main within the polling to turn into the Republican nominee within the 2024 U.S. presidential race.

To consider in any other case is untenable, if solely due to the unimaginable layers of improbabilities that must all come collectively.

Take the concept that COVID was deliberate by the U.S. authorities.  What in regards to the different 200+ sovereign nations on Earth, every of which had its personal COVID-related challenges to beat?  Did South Korea and Australia and Norway say, “Let’s not reply to the pandemic, due to some of us in the USA with no scientific coaching are saying that the vaccinations are deadly and the case numbers are exaggerated by a number of orders of magnitude?”

No, they didn’t.

These of us can consider no matter they need, however they need to not anticipate the inhabitants of clever and affordable folks to leap onboard with utter nonsense.

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